90% of Allica employees would recommend us as a place to work

Every six months, Allica Bank anonymously surveys all our employees asking them to rate us on a number of different factors, such as work/life balance, diversity and leadership.  

Our goal is to be the best place our employees have ever worked – that means creating an enjoyable, healthy and rewarding work experience, and this is just one of the ways we gather feedback to help us achieve that.  

In fact, having grown from around 180 employees at the start of 2021 to 300 employees today – and with plenty more growth to come (check out our open roles on our careers page!) – making Allica an attractive employer is also an essential part of our business plan. 

The results 

This is why I’m incredibly proud to share the results of our latest survey below, which took place in July 2022: 

  • 94% of employees told us they enjoy working for Allica  
  • 90% of employees said would recommend Allica as a place to work  
  • 79% of employees think they are able to achieve a good work life balance at Allica  
  • 88% of employees said their team is being well led  
  • 97% of employees think Allica’s culture and environment support diversity 

These are fantastic numbers, which put us well ahead of many other fintechs, banks and technology companies. But we learned a lot about what we can do to improve, too, and we hope by sharing these results and insights it will help keep us accountable to what we’re doing in response. 

What we’ve learned 


I am especially pleased that we scored so highly on our diversity metric. Improving our diversity is a key objective for Allica, which our Executive Committee are all targeted and held accountable for.  

We have already made some significant strides in this area. For example, since June 2020, representation of ethnic minorities grew from 27% to 40%, while female representation went up from 30% to 41% for all staff and is now over 35% for our two most senior grades of staff, having been only 11% two years ago. 

Our employee survey results suggest we have made great progress in creating an environment where diversity can prosper. But there’s still clearly still a lot of work to do to improve diversity and we continue to review our approach to recruitment policies and creating an inclusive working environment on an ongoing basis. 

Flexible working

One way we hope to have improved our diversity is through our commitment to flexible working. Allica does all it can to make our London and Milton Keynes offices inspiring and creative places to work (and our soon-to-open Manchester office, too!). But we understand that a nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday office work schedule is really now an out-dated concept. We encourage all our managers and employees to have open conversations about working patterns that best suit them, and do whatever we can to accommodate – whether it’s working hours or remote working. 

That said, we still really value face-to-face time as a way to build relationships, collaborate differently and foster creativity. Many teams agree times to work together in our London or Milton Keynes offices, and we also hold events such as breakfasts, drinks and social and charity events, which attract staff from a real mix of functions.  

With 79% of our employees saying they are able to achieve a good work/life balance at Allica, we’re committed to continuing this approach at a time when some businesses are enforcing a move back to a traditional way of working. Allica won’t be one of them and we continue to explore how else we can help all our employees to achieve the best balance! 

Be part of it! 

If Allica sounds like somewhere you’d like to work, check out our careers page – we’d love to hear from you! 

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