Building a new type of business bank

Allica Bank’s tech team sit at the heart of the bank, designing and building the systems that power our business and amaze our customers. Come help us transform how businesses do banking!

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Squad goals

At Allica, we want to build the world’s best business bank. To make that a reality, we hire ambitious, driven and creative people that really want to make a difference..

We work in autonomous, agile squads that deliver products, not projects– constantly learning, forever improving, and always collaborating.

Squads take full ownership of designing, building, testing and launching a product, with all members involved throughout the product lifecycle. ​​

It means, from design to engineering, testing to data, everyone will have always a voice.

Most importantly, at Allica, we believe that what makes us different makes us stronger. That’s why we proactively aim to create squads made up of a wide range of backgrounds, interests and perspectives.

Our tech stack​

At Allica, we use technology that empowers all our engineers, testers, analysts and designers to be independent, creative and effective.

We believe that integration and data are the foundation of a world-beating digital bank, with security always the priority.

Front-end engineering​

Our front-end engineers use the likes of React to build responsive, innovative and seamless experiences that our customers love.

Back-end engineering​

Allica’s back-end engineers develop complex applications and integrations. Working with Java Spring (and more!), they are are the beating heart of the bank.


Integration sits are the core of Allica’s data infrastructure. Using Azure’s suite of data tools, our data team empower teams across the business.


​Advanced technologies like Kotlin enable us to create an event-driven, microservices architecture within Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Being part of the Allica Bank tech team


Be involved in the entire product lifecycle​


Learn from peers across the business and get access to the O'Reilly Learning platform​


Supportive environment that encourages collaboration and self-improvement​


Flexible working, meaning you can work how you work best​


Loads of other great benefits (check out our careers page for more information)​