Ravneet Shah’s journey to becoming Allica’s VP of Engineering

Just last month, our very own VP Engineering, Ravneet Shah, sat down with the team at We Are Tech Women to discuss her inspirational career journey so far, as well as share some of the tips she has for the next generation of Tech Women.

The VP Engineering position that Ravneet holds was actually a newly created one, designed especially for Ravneet and the skills she brought to the bank. Starting in 2020 as a Lead Backend Engineer, her knowledge of microservice system architecture (when you develop lots of smaller, independent services that talk to each other and form part of a larger application), meant that Ravneet was able to help scale the bank’s technical systems like never before. It put her in a great position to take on the VP role less than 18 months later.

The importance of flexible working

Ravneet admits that it wasn’t the simplest of journeys to get to this position, “software engineering and developing is my passion, but having two jobs (managing my family and working full time) was very challenging.”

Luckily, by having the freedom to work remotely and flexibly, Ravneet was able to “grow professionally while taking care of my family.” That, alongside her drive, determination and, as she calls it, her “appetite for knowledge”, meant she could excel at both.

“I truly believe that flexible working will bring about a significant change,” Ravneet explained, highlighting the importance of its role in achieving gender parity in the technology industry.

Looking back on her career so far, Ravneet had two pieces of advice for women that want to advance their career in tech. First, have a thirst for learning. And secondly, have the confidence to step up into positions you know you have the skills and talent for.

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