Business Rewards Account service information

Contact Us & Help information

  • Telephone - 0330 094 3333 (9.00am - 5.00pm Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays)

  • Email -

  • Mobile banking - in-app enquiry form and chat (coming soon)


Common queries and how to get help

  24 hour help Telephone Internet Banking Mobile Banking
Checking the balance and transactions x x
Sending money within the UK, including setting up a standing order x x

Sending money outside the UK x x x x
Cash withdrawal in a foreign currency outside the UK x x
A direct debit, or allowing someone to collect one or more payments from your account using your debit card number x x
Paying in a cheque x x x x
Cancelling a cheque x x x x
A lack of funds: including unarranged overdrafts, payments we allow despite lack of funds and payments we refuse due to lack of funds x x x x
Third party access to an account, for example under a power of attorney x x x x
Problems using internet banking or mobile banking x x x
Reporting a suspected fraudulent incident or transaction x x x
Progress following an account suspension or card cancellation, e.g. following a fraud incident x x x
Account opening: including eligibility for an arranged overdraft, what is required to open an account and an indication of what arranged overdraft may be available x x x


How and when you can use your bank account to do the following things


Telephone banking

Internet banking


Mobile banking


Checking the balance x
Accessing a transaction history x
Setting up standing order x
Manage your direct debits x
Sending money within the UK x
Sending money outside the UK* x x x
Paying in a cheque x x x
Cancelling a cheque x x x

*We are partnering with Wise to enable international money transfers, for more information, please click here.


Information about operational and security incidents

We are obliged to notify the Financial Conduct Authority if we become aware of a major operational or security incident which prevents our customers from using our payment services.

  In the 3 months between 1 January 2022 and 31 March 2022 In the 12 months between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022
Total number of incidents reported 4 6
Incidents affecting telephone banking 0 2
Incidents affecting the app 4 6
Incidents affecting internet banking 4 6

Note: As Allica Business Rewards Account has only launched July 2022, we are unable to report on any incidents reported, we will update this when we have more data.


Complaints data

Financial Conduct Authority rules require us to provide them with a report of our complaints data every six months. In certain circumstances, we are also required to publish a summary of our complaints data.

The most recent summary will be available December 2022 as Business Rewards Account has only launched in July 2022.

The Financial Ombudsman Service publishes its complaints data every six months. You can see their complaints data at Half-yearly complaints data.


Opening a business current account

How can I open a business current account?

At present, the business current account is only available to existing customers. To open an account, you may have to to provide us with the documents and information set out by UK Finance. We might request additional documents or information in individual cases.

You can open an account:

Without visiting a branch
Where a visit to branch is required, without an appointment N/A
By sending documents and information electronically
By post x


How quickly do we open business current accounts?

This is data is currently unavailable. We will have a report on how quickly we generally open current accounts by end of December 2022, as the Business Rewards Account only launched in July 2022.

How quickly do we give customer a debit card?

Customers are able to access their virtual card immediately through online and mobile banking. Once an account is open, we aim to have customers receive their debit cards within 3-4 working days.

We will be able to update on our performance once we have gone live for several months and have more data to report.

How quickly do customers get internet banking?

Once their business current account has been approved (usually within 5 working days), customers are able to access their internet banking immediately.

How quickly is overdraft available?

Overdraft is currently only available to AIB customers, with wider release for other new customers is being planned for the near future.

How quickly do we replace debit cards which have been lost, stolen or stopped?

Customers are able to report any stolen or lost cards via mobile or online banking. New cards will be delivered within 3-4 working days.