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Rule 1: Provide regular training for your staff

Your employees are one of your company’s most valuable assets, and with the right training and development you can enhance their skills and capabilities even further. High-quality and formalised training can help to improve morale and staff retention, too.

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SME Success Guide training

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Training and developing a workforce allows a business to get more out of its employees, and in the aftermath of COVID-19 this will be even more important. Not only will businesses have to champion efficiency and productivity as part of their recovery, but their workforces will need to be prepared for the challenges this new normal will bring.

However, as with any expense, it’s important to understand if a specific training course is right for your staff or your business. Training for training’s sake is not the aim and the right programme can help empower a business on a wider level. For instance, if better financial knowledge was extended beyond the management team in a small business, employees would have a better understanding of cost-effective productivity and how their own output impacts this. Fortunately, there are now more ways of accessing training online, making this a lot easier from a logistical angle.

Some business owners have told us they worry about investing in training for employees, only to see them leave once they’ve received it. However, we see this as an outdated concept. Besides, high-quality training and development can actually lead to stronger employee retention by boosting morale and inspiring motivation in a way that salaries don’t.  

What businesses must do is ensure they have a real platform in place for training so it’s available and readily accessible for your employees. As well as formal training programs, this could include simple things like providing interpretations of government guidance around COVID-19 and how to make this work in a practical sense (for instance, how staff can realistically follow social distancing guidelines in the workplace while continuing to provide excellent and personal customer service). 

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We partnered with Aliya Vigor-Robertson, Founder of HR specialists JourneyHR, to produce a webinar that discusses how regular staff training can help small and medium-sized businesses as the UK recovers from COVID and beyond.

You can watch it below, or read the blog.

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Six Rules for SME Success

Small businesses will be the driving force behind the UK’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

To support businesses through this period, Allica Bank has produced an independent report in partnership with the Centre for Economics & Business Research (CEBR). We have identified six key business drivers that will empower SMEs to succeed in a post-COVID world.

Each rule is backed up with actionable insight, expert analysis, and data from over 1,000 leading UK small and medium-sized businesses.

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“Regular training can have a huge impact on your employees on an individual level. But it is also a tell-tale sign of a healthy, efficient business that is thinking about the long-term.”

Toby Mason
Chief Operating Officer at Allica Bank